To Blog or Not to Blog


I've taken a pretty big vacation from having a blog and am unsure about returning. I created this blog when I felt the need to let the chapter that was Serenity & Style organically close. It was a very unexpected thing to happen. I got engaged and thought I would have endless things to write about, I mean people make their paychecks by wedding blogging but then something strange happened. I wanted the experience to belong only to us. As much support and inspiration as I get from reading the stories of others and as much as I've previously put out there about myself, this was an odd thing to occur. If my life experiences have taught me anything it's to go with what's happening so that was what I did.

I've kept up with many of the blogs I read before but haven't been actively writing for over a year now. There are some huge life changes coming down the pipeline and this is the longest I've gone without writing, even when I'm not blogging I've always tried to journal and that's gone by the wayside as well so I think I may dip my toe back into blog world. With this new project, as with any stage in life really, there are seasons to it.

I expect this blog to have a lot of aspects of my former one, stories about my own life interwoven with pop culture, cooking, and just random check in's about where my head is at. I've realized how important a space like this can be not just for the individual but for loved ones near and far who want to keep up. So here's to hoping this blog finds its voice, there will certainly be no shortage of adventures in the next year. Stay tuned

Love & Light

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crnnoel said...

I'm glad to see you writing again:) I had lost track of you! It's really amazing, when you have that feel, that need to pull back, you really have to follow it and take a break! I'm still unsure about blogging again... I keep trying... you know how it goes!