The Great Move North


westport_2So after 5ish months apart, my fellow and I have made the decision to make Connecticut our home full time. While the decision hasn't been easy, the universe made it abundantly clear that this was where we were both supposed to be.

We haven't been apart that long but this experiment of a long distance relationship was very humbling. I always assume that when you do the "right" or "noble" thing that the pieces eventually fall into place. I loved my job and it seemed rash to uproot our life in Atlanta before my husband really knew what the job would entail\if it was the best long term fit. It was difficult every single day even though we were doing what seemed logically sound.

Thankfully we were both open to seeing what life had in store for us and through events that can only be described as borderline miraculous, everything fell into place perfectly. From finding a perfect job to our apartment getting a dishwasher, everything that was in our way is being taken care of.

That lovely picture above is the main street area of our new home. I think it'll take me some time to get used to everything but based on my visits so far, I think the Northeast will agree with me. Also New York City is only an hour away so how bad can it really be?

I want to make sure that I hold on to this gratitude, I know that we have been incredibly blessed. I will certainly miss Georgia and all that it has given us over the past few years but life has rewarded me when I jump into the unknown. So here's to jumping

Of course, you all are always welcome to visit us in Westport!

Love & Light

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crnnoel said...

Oh good luck!! :) And you're not that far from me, well... a few hours still... but if you're ever on the North Shore of MA let me know!