Royal Christening


One of the more tragic aspects of being away from my blog for the last little while is I have a lot of Kate Middleton admiration and energy that has been severely unappreciated by my husband. It's my theory that he's just jealous because France had to go and get rid of their royalty and now there's no exciting baby from his country.

Anyways, while I do have a lot of exciting life in Connecticut things to write about today will be about a more important subject, the royal christening. I was severely off my Kate game and had no idea it was today. Thank god for twitter and livestream. Kate looked flawless as always, loved her Alexander McQueen outfit. She can rock a hat too, almost makes me reconsider my lifetime self imposed hat ban...almost.

The palace released the service details  and it looks like the royals kept the ceremony short and sweet, which is a safe bet. I'm all about throwing a classy event but once you get to the fourth or fifth hymn you're pushing it.

My favorite thing besides Kate's general amazingness is that baby prince george looks like he's not having it when it comes to the media circus. Gotta love a baby with a lot of personality.

Here are a few more snapshots from the event.
I'm already waiting for the next royal family outing

he looks ready for a nap, i'm with you georgie

Congrats to the royal family!!

MN Sports Dreams Dashed


Michael Jordan #23I need everyone to take a good look at this image. Michael Jordan crushing John Stockton is the literal representation of what happened to my 11 year old heart in 1997 and again in 1998 when the Utah Jazz made it to the finals and were defeated by the unstoppable Chicago Bulls.  This has long defined my reluctance to be a hardcore sports fan,I truly believed in the Jazz each time and after the 1998 defeat my sunshine and rainbows optimism was crushed.After this, I waltzed through my teens and early 20s as more of a passive sports fan. It was fun to watch and not commit, that way I was only part of positive experiences. 2004 Red Sox, 2010 Saints, you get the idea

Then the Braves had to come along and get me to recommit. I was raised on the Braves and overall the 90s were good to us. When I got the job at the agency in Atlanta that represented the Braves I thought you know, enough time has passed since your NBA days, the braves are due to be amazing, let's go all in.....

The regular season was glorious, my chop arm was strong, I got to know all the players, my dad and I had a lot more to talk was good. Sure the post season time is tricky for my team but after last year's wild card tragedy, I thought heart would get us to the end...or at least past the NLDS.

Last night my dreams were shattered. I really want to believe in my Atlanta teams(or at least 2 of them) but this history of being amazing and then choking is mighty heartbreaking.  I feel this headline in the ajc says it best


Don't really think we needed that extra f-you with that Hawks loss but there you have it.

While I am in a dis-proportionally bad mood today because of the Braves loss and the general mess that is Atlanta sports. I will be back next year. Not just because the payoff when we finally get our due will be beautiful but if the mighty jazz taught me anything it's that being a sports fan is a lot like any relationship, it's only worthwhile if you go all in.

Although on that note, I've been waiting 15 years for any semblance of a Utah Jazz victory so any day boys..

I'll see you next April Braves Country

500 Days of Marriage


08743f888ec225696e0e536bc6993f7eFirst things first, I have made it to Connecticut safe and sound. The weather already feels like fall and everything is beyond beautiful here. I definitely miss Atlanta but I think this is an ideal place to soothe any homesickness

Since this blog is a new space, I’m going to try writing about an array of things and see what sticks. Today I’m going to write about my marriage, which is something I’ve never done before. Long story short, while I was reflecting on our marriage, I decided to see how long we’ve been married. Turns out today is 500 days so this seemed as good a time as any to write about the subject.

Over Labor Day, we attended the wedding of a beloved friend of mine from college. It was a Quaker ceremony so it was full of genuine and diverse stories about the couple, love and life. It was all the more pertinent because we had gotten into one of those stupid fights on the way to the wedding. We were lost and the later it got, the more lost we seemed to get which led to a whole lot of bad behavior. I’m sure our story isn’t unique. That day, we were lucky to have a reason to step outside of ourselves and thankfully seeing a couple as happy and perfect for each other as these two reminded us of what it was all about.

I love being married, but life with another person can be really hard(and from what I understand, no one is immune from this fact). I think during the first few years of our relationship I was so focused on my side of the street and opening myself up to truly being authentic and loved that without meaning to, I figured that once I fixed my individual glaring problems that the rest would more or less fall into place as long as I was willing to do the work.

Funny thing is, like most things in my life, the assumption of how it’s going to go is far from what ends up happening.  I understood that this marriage thing was a big deal, but since a lot about our day to day life was going to be the same, I didn’t expect much to change.

A lot did, it would take me a long time to sort through and articulate what exactly all the changes were, but so much about my worldview shifted. Not in that co-dependent way I always feared but in many subtle emotional and spiritual changes. It brings a lot of joy to my life, as well as challenges. In yet another example of perfect timing, while browsing one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, I came across this beautiful entry which not only reminded me what to do when things get challenging but to be grateful to have found my fellow.

Love & Light

The Great Move North


westport_2So after 5ish months apart, my fellow and I have made the decision to make Connecticut our home full time. While the decision hasn't been easy, the universe made it abundantly clear that this was where we were both supposed to be.

We haven't been apart that long but this experiment of a long distance relationship was very humbling. I always assume that when you do the "right" or "noble" thing that the pieces eventually fall into place. I loved my job and it seemed rash to uproot our life in Atlanta before my husband really knew what the job would entail\if it was the best long term fit. It was difficult every single day even though we were doing what seemed logically sound.

Thankfully we were both open to seeing what life had in store for us and through events that can only be described as borderline miraculous, everything fell into place perfectly. From finding a perfect job to our apartment getting a dishwasher, everything that was in our way is being taken care of.

That lovely picture above is the main street area of our new home. I think it'll take me some time to get used to everything but based on my visits so far, I think the Northeast will agree with me. Also New York City is only an hour away so how bad can it really be?

I want to make sure that I hold on to this gratitude, I know that we have been incredibly blessed. I will certainly miss Georgia and all that it has given us over the past few years but life has rewarded me when I jump into the unknown. So here's to jumping

Of course, you all are always welcome to visit us in Westport!

Love & Light

To Blog or Not to Blog


I've taken a pretty big vacation from having a blog and am unsure about returning. I created this blog when I felt the need to let the chapter that was Serenity & Style organically close. It was a very unexpected thing to happen. I got engaged and thought I would have endless things to write about, I mean people make their paychecks by wedding blogging but then something strange happened. I wanted the experience to belong only to us. As much support and inspiration as I get from reading the stories of others and as much as I've previously put out there about myself, this was an odd thing to occur. If my life experiences have taught me anything it's to go with what's happening so that was what I did.

I've kept up with many of the blogs I read before but haven't been actively writing for over a year now. There are some huge life changes coming down the pipeline and this is the longest I've gone without writing, even when I'm not blogging I've always tried to journal and that's gone by the wayside as well so I think I may dip my toe back into blog world. With this new project, as with any stage in life really, there are seasons to it.

I expect this blog to have a lot of aspects of my former one, stories about my own life interwoven with pop culture, cooking, and just random check in's about where my head is at. I've realized how important a space like this can be not just for the individual but for loved ones near and far who want to keep up. So here's to hoping this blog finds its voice, there will certainly be no shortage of adventures in the next year. Stay tuned

Love & Light

Fashion Favorites: Met Gala Edition


Forgive me, this post is quite overdue, but I didn't feel right blogging about the fashion at cannes without first mentioning my favorite looks from one of fashion's biggest nights. Speaking of fashion, I'm trying to make more of an effort to dress in a way that evolves from my early college days, so we'll see where that goes. In the meantime, I will admire and adore these looks.


Both of these ladies had dresses worth a full picture but honestly I'm so happy they hang out that I'm posting this oneAlso, there was no finer moment than when Jennifer Lawrence did this


Emma Watson had one of my favorite looks, I like her version better than the runway but they're both kinda awesome


I love this look from Emmy Rossum because it's punk yet still pretty


Finally, the goddess that is Florence just because. Have you heard her song from the Great Gatsby? Perfection

How about you all, did you stream and live tweet the Met Gala like my dorky self?

Favorites Looks?

Love & Light

Happy Friday


I'd like to present the greatest picture of all time. Hope your weekend is magical

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Attend The Inauguration Of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden